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About Me

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Chris Jones has been a Realtor and investor in the Washington DC metro area for over two decades. He has helped hundreds of buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals. He advises sellers on selling for top dollar and at low risk. He coaches buyers on how to get their dream home. He works with investors on how to maximize profits and reach their goals. Chris has invested successfully in real estate across the country for 25 years.

Chris has studied the workings of the mind and how we can harness it to achieve whatever we want from life. The limitlessness of the power of the mind is astonishing. He has been inspired by the writings of psychologists, motivational speakers, meta-physical authors, religious scholars, and even physicists evaluating the science of the power of the mind.  Understanding how your thoughts affect you and the world around you, and how to control your thoughts opens the door to countless possibilities.

Romantic Walk in Sunset


  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics with a minor in Religious Studies from the University of Virginia

  • Master of Business Administration from Georgetown University

  • Member of the National Association of Realtors

  • Over two decades of real estate sales and investing experience in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia

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